Davidoff Crafts A Limited Culebra

Davidoff Crafts A Limited Culebra

Davidoff of Geneva is twisting up all three of its "Black Label" brands for a limited-edition culebra cigar made exclusively for its flagship retail stores. A cigar sampler of sorts, the Culebras Limited Edition consists of one Davidoff Nicaragua, one Escurio and one Yamasa, all intertwined and bound by two ribbons. This is unusual for the format, as traditional culebras are normally a braided trio of the same blend. (Watch this video to learn more about culebra cigars.)

Each twisted panetela measures 6 1/2 inches by 33 ring gauge. A footband indicates the blend. Davidoff says that its production run of culebras is limited to 9,600 cigars. Customers can purchase the culebras one slide-lid coffin at a time (as is typical), or in a larger case containing eight coffins. The cigars retail for $55.50 and ship in the familiar black cabinet packaging of Davidoff's Black Label line.

A footband indicates the blend of each twisted panetela.

The word culebra is Spanish for "snake." The practice is said to have been invented as a way for Cuban factory owners to ensure their rollers were not exceeding their three-cigars-per-day allotment. They would be given one braided culebra so a worker smoking (or taking) a straight cigar could be recognized as stealing.

Culebras Limited Edition has already shipped to Davidoff flagship locations in the United States and the cigars are expected to arrive on the international market this month.