Corojo Camacho Legend-ario

Camacho Cigars Inc. has expanded its Camacho El Legend-ario by Camacho line, adding a Corojo version of the unbanded cigars, which are packed in boxes of 100 and are also sold individually.

Until this release, Camacho's Corojo wrapper was reserved for use on its Camacho Corojo cigar. The tobacco is grown in Honduras, in the Jamastran Valley near the border with Nicaragua. The Eiroa family, owners of the Camacho brands as well as Baccarat and La Fontana, are also major growers of Honduran cigar tobacco.

"To the best of our knowledge, we are the only people growing the Authentic Corojo seed and we want to make sure that consumers are aware of this," said Christian Eiroa, president of Camacho.

Each El Legend-ario is six inches long and quite fat. Boxes comprise 35 Toros (6 inches by 50 ring), 30 Figurados (54 ring) and 35 Berthas (60 ring). They retail for $5.50 each.