Camacho Ecuador Coming In Weeks

Camachos historically have been Honduran puros, but the brand has lately been branching out with new tobaccos. Later this month, the newest example—Camacho Ecuador—will hit the market, bringing a Havana-seed Ecuador wrapper around what's being described as a powerful blend.

The cigar is made by combining the Ecuador Havana wrapper with Brazilian Mata Fina binder, a touch of Dominican Pelo de Oro ligero filler plus filler leaves of high-priming Honduran tobaccos.

The company describes the new brand as a medium-to full-bodied smoke. It will come in five sizes. There's a Robusto measuring five inches long with a ring gauge of 50 (suggested retail price $6.80); a 6 by 50 Toro ($7.00); Churchill (7 by 48, $7.50); Figurado (6 1/8 by 54, $7.80) and Gordo (6 by 60, $8.00).

Nearly one year ago, Camacho embarked on a major repackaging and reblending of its line. This newest version will ship across the United States later this month.

Camacho Ecuador cigar sizes.

"Hey Guy, it got 90 points. That's very good but not outstanding. They didn't give it a 95 or 97. You make no sense at all. I'm not that big of a Camacho fan myself as I prefer more medium bodied cigars but I would not criticize a specific cigar I have never tried. " —May 13, 2014 17:35 PM
"Meh...I still have a couple left in my humidor (red labels, not these, obviously) and I was very disappointed with my first one. Uneven burn, and unpleasant taste, to me, anyway. I'll smoke the two remaining (a Figurado and a Toro), but have no plans to purchase more. I'll stick with Kristoff and Aroma de Cuba, which are available at a similar price point, but provide a far superior smoke. Again...purely subjective...YMMV." —May 13, 2014 16:55 PM
"Good point, David. Ill be trying some for sure. They just LOOK great!!! Have you had a chance to sample yet?" —May 10, 2014 20:49 PM
"Dear David, They may not be out yet,but It can't be THAT different from thier normal line ,(which I have tasted). Amicalement, Guy Buscema , Calvisson,France" —May 10, 2014 09:30 AM
"It's a bad cigar for you? It's not available yet-- the cigar goes on sale in the US later this month. It's quite OK to criticize cigars you don't like, but you should taste one before you pass judgement." —May 10, 2014 08:48 AM
"Hi all, I hate to say It, but they can keep It. It's a bad cigar for me,at lest, and the new packaging Is not that great. Sorry, but there's nothing to write home about with the new CAMACHO. A poor Cigar. Amicalement, Guy Buscema, France" —May 10, 2014 06:54 AM
"These look yummy, Cant wait to try" —May 9, 2014 13:13 PM
"These look yummy! Cant wait to try" —May 9, 2014 13:13 PM
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