Brown Cigar Cufflinks

Famous cigar smoker Pablo Picasso once said, "One does a whole painting for one peach and people think just the opposite—that particular peach is but a detail." So what does this have to do with cufflinks?

Cufflinks often are an afterthought for many men and women. We tend to overlook these pieces of accoutrement and focus on the seemingly more important shirt, tie, jacket, slacks and shoes.

But the thinking man, that dapper fellow whose sense of style seems matched only by his tact, heeds Picasso's words when gearing up for an event.

With Ravi Ratan's Brown Cigar Cufflinks and matching studs (, $275) holding your cuffs together, you will discover how a detail can easily become the focal point.

The Brown Cigar Cufflinks, made of heavy, but not cumbersome, sterling silver are predominantly chocolate in color. Jet-black lines create the illusion of tobacco leaf veins. A silver and red band that reads "Cuban Cigar" adds texture to the cufflink, while the silver end is cut so as to look like cigar ash. It's an eye-catching design.

The cufflinks attach using a straight post combined with a flat, solid whaletail-like bar that flips flat to insert and then flips back to secure the tiny enamel cigars and cuffs.

These cufflinks, when combined with the matching studs that feature the same design, only smaller, will definitely draw attention and encourage conversation.

And when this happens, it should be proof enough that details matter much.