Bill Paley Revives Vintage La Palina Brand

You may associate the Paley name with William S. Paley, veteran broadcaster and founder of CBS. But his son Bill has decided to go in a different direction and return to his family's roots not through broadcasting, but by getting into the cigar business and resurrecting an old family label.

This week, La Palina cigar will make its revival debut in New York City. The brand first appeared in 1896 via the Congress Cigar Co., an American cigar manufacturer founded by Paley's grandfather, Samuel.

The new La Palina cigar cannot be made with Cuban tobacco, as was the original, so it consists of Nicaraguan and Honduran filler, Costa Rican binder and Ecuadoran wrapper. It's made by the Graycliff cigar factory in Nassau, The Bahamas, where Graycliff cigars are made.

"I've always been a cigar lover," said Paley, "and got quite obsessed with cigars as I got older."

The launch event will take place this Thursday evening in New York City on the pool deck terrace atop the Empire Hotel.

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