Alec Bradley Preps Medalist For Global Release

Alec Bradley Preps Medalist For Global Release

There’s a new look to Alec Bradley’s once sleepy Medalist brand. The mild Honduran smokes, which the company said had only been available in small quantities, have an updated band and box artwork. The cigars will receive a global release this April.

Brand owner Alan Rubin, known for his fuller-bodied blends like Prensado, Coyol and Tempus Nicaragua, has positioned the refreshed smokes as a callback to the early days of his career when he began selling mild and affordable cigars in the 1990s.

“With Medalist we are looking to remind people of our company’s past,” Rubin said in a press release. “We are also asking milder cigar smokers who have shied away from us to give us a chance.”

The bands and box artwork now incorporate the modern Alec Bradley font and logo. The cigars, however, still come in 10-count boxes.

Medalist is rolled with a shade-grown Honduran wrapper, Honduran binder and fillers from Honduras and Nicaragua. The cigars are made at Tabacos de Oriente S.A. in Honduras, the Plasencia-owned factory where Medalist has been produced since its inception.

Medalist comes in four sizes: Robusto, measuring 5 inches by 52 ring gauge; Toro, 6 by 54; Churchill, 7 by 50; and Gordo, 6 by 60.

Designated as a value-priced smoke, Medalist will carry a suggested retail price between $6 and $7 per cigar, depending on the size.