Alec Bradley Gets A Rabbit Air Purifier

Alec Bradley Gets A Rabbit Air Purifier

Rabbit Air, a California-based air purification company, has partnered with Alec Bradley Cigar Co. for a branded version of its popular MinusA2 purifier. The new design features the Alec Bradley logo over a red-hued background complete with the brand’s “Live True” slogan on the facade.   

Rabbit Air’s MinusA2 is the brand’s flagship product. Slimmer and more versatile than its counterpart, the BioGS 2.0, the MinusA2 offers the largest coverage area and is designed to either stand alone or be mounted to a wall.   

The Alec Bradley Rabbit Air comes in the same two versions as the original MinusA2 product. For use in smaller rooms, the SPA-700A model claims to trap and reduce the odor of cigars in confined spaces up to 700 square feet. This version is available in a white base color and is being sold on Alec Bradley’s website for $520.

The more comprehensive model, however, is the SPA-780A, which has a coverage area of up to 815 square feet. This version comes in the option of either black or white and is sold online for $620. Both units measure roughly 20 inches in height by 21 inches in width.  

Alec Bradley is handling distribution for the product, which will be available on the company’s website and through its authorized retailers.

This isn’t the first time Rabbit Air has spruced up the look of its purifiers. The company also features an Artists Series that affixes famous works of art to its MinusA2.