A Smoke With Carlos Fuente Jr.

On Friday night I dropped in on a local cigar shop and lounge, Club Perfecto in South Norwalk, Connecticut. Carlos Fuente Jr. was dropping by, so I wanted to say hello.

I got there before Carlos, who was stuck in traffic. It was a rainy Friday night, and the ride from New York City was taking twice as long as usual. Co-owner Brian Shapiro handed me an Arturo Fuente Short Story, and I lit up and started talking to some of the regulars.

Club Perfecto put on quite the evening, with a great baggie of cigars made by the Fuentes. In addition to the Short Story, which is simply one of the world’s finest small cigars, in my opinion, there was a Fuente Fuente OpusX, an Añejo and a few other nice cigars.

Carlos arrived and the room lit up. In this industry, he’s a rock star, and he signed cigar boxes and other things for the members. These guys clearly love his cigars, and with the track record the Fuentes have it’s hard to blame them.

Carlito and I caught up, talked a bit about our families and said a few things about the upcoming Las Vegas Big Smoke. (I can’t believe it’s just a few weeks away. Where did this year go?) Carlito is speaking on a panel I’m moderating with my colleague James Suckling. It’s going to be a great panel.

By the time the Short Story was really, really short (as in beard burning territory) I said my goodbyes— The party was just getting into full swing, but I had to get home.