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A Rocky Patel V-Cut From Colibri

A Rocky Patel V-Cut From Colibri

Rocky Patel Premium Cigars has teamed up with cigar accessories company Colibri for a series of branded V-cutters adorned with the Rocky Patel logo. As of now, the single-guillotine wedge cutters are not available at retailers, but can be purchased online at Rocky Patel’s website. 

The Rocky Patel V-Cutter By Colibri comes in three color schemes: black and palladium, black and orange, and white and red. The blade is made of stainless steel and uses a spring-loaded release to propel the guillotine open. According to Colibri, each cut penetrates seven millimeters of the cigar cap, carving out a substantial V-shaped groove. (Click to read our review of the original Colibri V-Cut.)

The cutters are being sold on RockyPatel.com for $59.99 each—about a $20 premium compared to the original, unbranded product, which Colibri sells for $39. Rocky Patel says it will also use the accessory as a promotional item during in-store retail events.  

Rocky Patel V-Cutter By Colibri, like all currently available Colibri cutters, comes with a two-year warranty.