A Nordic Cigar Comes To IPCPR

A new line from Las Cumbres Tabaco brings smokers closer to their inner Nordic deity with the Freyja brand. Named after the Norse goddess of love, war and fertility, the new cigar is composed of a Dominican Criollo '98 wrapper, a Mexican San Andrés binder and filler from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

"Freyja is the goddess of beauty and fertility, but most importantly, she is the chief of the Valkyrie," said Emma Viktorsson of Las Cumbres Tabaco. "Me being Swedish, Freyja is, to me, the bridge between my ancestry and the cigar countries."

It will come in four sizes all with Nordic mythological meanings, and retail from $7 to $10 each.

Sessrumnir is a 5 3/4 inch by 42 ring gauge corona. It's also the hall that Freyja carries fallen Viking warriors. A 5 1/2 by 50 robusto is named after Valhalla, where the god Odin brings fallen Vikings. The god Thor is represented as a 6 by 54 toro. And a 6 1/2 by 52 pyramid is named in honor of the Valkyries—goddesses who decide which Vikings live and which die in battle.