Zippo Outdoor Utility Lighter

It doesn't matter if you're beachcombing, sunbathing or hooking stripers off the back of a fishing boat; hanging out on the back patio with barbecue and beer; or playing 18 holes with friends. When summer comes around, there's simply no better cigar lounge than the great outdoors. Zippo understands full well and has designed its Outdoor Utility Lighter to meet the rigors of the elements—whether you're smoking or not.

Resembling a Jedi's light saber from the Star Wars movies, the Zippo Outdoor Utility Lighter, as its name suggests, is utilitarian to the core. It's designed not for frills but for extreme durability. Its heavy-duty electronic ignition system and ergonomic rubber grip resist damage from the drops and bangs that seem to go hand-in-hand with alfresco use. The Outdoor Utility Lighter is perfect for firing up Tiki torches when the sun goes down and it can have a campfire or grill blazing in minutes. And although it probably isn't the lighter you want to show off at a formal dinner or cigar event, the Outdoor Utility Lighter is also ideal for lighting cigars.

What allows the Zippo's Outdoor Utility Lighter to perform so well in the outdoors is its wind-resistant dual flame. One flame is blue and jets out of the end like a torch, the second, a familiar yellow flame, glows softer and in a rounder pattern. For cigar smokers this is the best of both worlds. By combining the two, the Outdoor Utility Lighter produces one flame that will evenly light the end of a large cigar as well as a pinpoint torch that could likely withstand the winds atop Everest. It will certainly do the job during a windy day on a boat or at the beach.

Other features of the Outdoor Utility Lighter ($30.95) include an LED light for better night vision, a child safety button and a waterproof cap to keep the elements out of the lighting element, plus a strap and a carabiner for keeping it handy. The Outdoor Utility Lighter refills with butane, with a dial for adjusting the flame and a fuel level window on the hilt so you know how much gas remains in the tank.