Zino Platinum Cutters

These are not your father's Davidoff cutters. Sleek, bold new cigar cutters from Zino Platinum are reminiscent of their parent brand's releases, but shade the classic look with a modern flair.

Zino Platinum Crown Series is the ultra high-end cigar line in the ZP brand; its cousin is the lower-priced Scepter Series. Two new accessories, the ZP SNIPS Double Blade and the ZP RZR scissors, mark the ZP line's first foray into the cigar cutting world.

Fitting in with the brand image, the SNIPS guillotine cutter is a lot more ostentatious then the more conservative guillotines released by Davidoff more than 20 years ago. The flat, more squared-off design of the Davidoff has been molded into a more oblong shape with a slick surface. Like a perfecto-shaped cigar, the cutter is wide in the middle, has rounded edges and tapers at both ends to a point. The surface is polished to a fine mirrored chrome-plated shine with either a black or gleaming palladium midsection.

The RZR scissors keep more of the traditional shape with the stainless steel construction, rounded tip and looping handles. Balanced and sharp, these are always quality devices no matter what the brand. The main alteration to bring them under the ZP umbrella is the laser engraving of the logo on the face of the blades and the side of the scissor arms. It adds more of a hip, boastful appearance akin to that seen on modish casual clothing lines. The laser engraving is also featured on the SNIPS piece.

The Zino Platinum SNIPS Double Blade has a suggested retail price of $380 and the Zino Platinum RZR scissors come in at $210. For more information call Davidoff at 866-561-5525.

Photo by Mary Galligan

"I bought the Zino Platinum Scissor Cutter from Davidoff and my first impression was very disappointing. Immediately after opening the box, I was confronted with "Made in Pakistan" sign. Pakistan? I thought these high-end cutters were made in France. Also, there was a note inside the box that stated that the cutter should have come in with a leather case under the plastic insert in the cover. It didn’t! I tried to resolve the issue with Davidoff and I got nothing but attitude. The cutter was great, but was it worth the price ($289) and the hassle? ABSOLUTLY NOT." —May 22, 2013 15:31 PM
"Money NOT well spent." —February 8, 2013 17:51 PM