Z-Plus Lighter Inserts

Z-Plus Lighter Inserts

Do you own an old Zippo lighter that you’ve always wanted to revive, but never got around to it? If so, then we suggest the new Z-Plus insert, an affordable device that breathes new life into your tired Zippo by making it a cigar-friendly torch.

The Z-Plus insert is simple to set up and runs on butane rather than lighter fluid, so there is no risk of altering your cigar's taste. You just remove the fluid/flint lighting unit from your Zippo case, slide the Z-Plus in its place, lock the arm, and voila!, a new torch lighter.

Produced by Florida-based Integral Logistics, the Z-Plus comes in a single- and double-flame option. The double-flame insert sports angled torches that, when lit, come together to form a wide flame that’s perfect for fatter cigars. Both Z-Plus inserts are fully adjustable and windproof.

The single-flame torch retails for $13, while its beefier brother sells for $15.

We found the piezo-styled ignition on both to be not only dependable, but smooth and comfortable to use. The fuel chamber also holds a good amount of butane, although it lacks a window, making it a little difficult to tell how much fluid is in it.

If you consider the price and the fact that your sentimental Zippo can be transformed into a true cigar lighter, the Z-Plus is a great buy.

Check out www.integral-style.com/findtobacconist.html to find a store that sells Z-Plus near you.

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