Cigar Aficionado

Your Passport to the Good Life

"Cigar Aficionado magazine is about taste. But it is not limited to the taste of a great smoke. The magazine intends to awaken and explore many of the pleasures that drive successful men....[It] may not be for every man. But we do dream about creating a very special magazine for the individual who wants the very most out of life. If you share that desire, welcome. This magazine is for you."   --Marvin R. Shanken, Cigar Aficionado, Vol. 1, No. 1, September 1992    

Eight years and 37 issues ago, we launched a magazine created out of a dream, a publication dedicated to men who wish to pursue life's great pleasures. That dream came true. Today, we believe with all our hearts that it's time to energize our original vision, to exalt the good life and everything about it.  

Our goal is singular. We want to be the finest men's magazine in the world. Whether it is a beautiful beachfront resort in the Caribbean or a meal at a three-star restaurant in Paris or a round of golf in Scotland or the touch of a fine, hand-tailored man's suit, we want our readers to experience the best that life has to offer.  

Don't think for a second that we are abandoning cigars. Far from it. You'll still find your favorite tasting reports, features on the world's best cigarmakers, and visits to some of the world's best tobacco regions. In fact, those things will be easier to find than ever because they are now packaged together in the magazine (starting on page 253).  

We also still believe that a cigar is one of the best ways for a man to find peace and relaxation in his life. But if he has taken the time to understand the complexities of a great cigar, we believe he'll appreciate the same kind of insights into a great whiskey, a great painting or a great car.  

Thousands of our readers admit they have never touched cigars, but they love the magazine. We want to reach out to those millions of sophisticated men who may have overlooked Cigar Aficionado because they think it's only for cigar smokers. We want to bring all those men into the world of connoisseurs. We want to be your guide to the good life.  

Many of you have already seen our expanded commitment to great journalism in the columns that we started running last fall. The roster of writers includes some of the best-known pundits in America, including William F. Buckley, George Plimpton and Peter Mayle, just to name a few. You will continue to find serious reporting on golf, indulgences, exotic sports and the unusual wherever we find it. There also will be expanded coverage of the world of collecting and auctions.  

If you loved Cigar Aficionado before, we believe you'll love us even more now. If this is your first visit to our pages, welcome to "the good life magazine for men."