Xikar’s VX Metal V-Cut Cutter

Xikar, inspired by consumers wanting an affordable product that can deliver a consistent v-cut, has introduced the VX Metal V-Cut cutter, and it doesn't disappoint.

First seen at last year's IPCPR trade show, the VX Metal V-cut sports a cast-aluminum body that is a similar material to the company's popular Xi1 tear-dropped shaped cutter. The aluminum is a significant step up from the company's other cat's eye cutter, the Wolf V-Cut, which is made of plastic, as it feels more stable in the fingers.

Always the innovator, Xikar has constructed the VX's blades so that they perform what executive vice president of sales Jerry Dear calls "a reverse v-cut," as opposed to a more traditional straight v-cut. During the reverse v-cut, the sides of the blades begin cutting the cigar before the part of the blade that cuts the cap ever reaches the cap. The result is a smooth cut across the cap that does not penetrate as deep into the cigar's filler as the traditional straight v-cut.

The VX is capable of accommodating cigars up to 64 ring gauge, and a depression in the molded body means the VX can double as a cigar holder in a pinch.

Xikar offers the VX Metal V-Cut in either a gunmetal or silver color. The VX sells for the suggested retail price of $49.99, and as with all Xikar products, is covered by the company's lifetime warranty.

"I bought this cutter in Nov and it has cut about 50 cigars so far. Each cut is just perfect time and time again. My friends who use punches and straight cutters have all asked to use this cutter rather then theirs. It doesn't tear or crush the cigar. I prefer the V-cut because I get less tobacco pieces in my mouth and has a nice smooth feel on my tongue. Draw is very nice but if for some reason you feel it isn't adequate then turn the cigar 90 degrees and cut again and put an X in the end, but I have yet to need to do this. I love this cutter and plan to use it until I loose it, and then I will buy another." —March 5, 2011 08:14 AM