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Xikar's Flash Lighter

Xikar's Flash Lighter

Torch lighters can be pricey. Xikar Inc. has just come out with a simple, sleek and fairly cheap torch to blaze up your favorite robusto called the Flash Lighter.

Retailing for $29.99, the Flash Lighter is less than three inches tall, an inch-and-a-half wide and only half an inch thick. Looked at from the top, it has an oval shape, giving it a smooth feel in the hand.

There's nothing fancy here, just a simple, single jet flame of blue, ignited by a push of the metal segment located in the center of the lighter. It lights easily.

The Flash Lighter fits easily in a pocket, thanks to its size, and the piece is very light. Made mostly of plastic and very light metal, it lacks the smooth action of more expensive lighters, and it doesn't feel terribly sturdy, but it comes backed by a lifetime warranty.

The Xikar Flash Lighter comes in three styles-silver, gunmetal and black-each retailing for the same price.

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