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Xikar's Ellipse II Lighter

Kansas City-based Xikar has released its new Ellipse II lighter, a second generation and step up from the original design.

The lighter's one-piece metal body is sleek, solid and smooth, except for one new key feature. Five ribs at the center of the Ellipse II help smokers keep a firm grip while lighting their cigar.

The lid is retractable and acts as the ignition for the triple-flame torch—a must-have for those who enjoy the bigger ring gauge smokes.

Xikar has also increased the size of the fuel tank as well as its viewing window.

The Ellipse II won't weigh you down while you carry it in your pants pocket, either, as it weights a shade under 3 ounces.

And with all Xikar products, the lighter is backed by the company's well respected lifetime warranty.

The lighter, which comes in gunmetal, black and silver, retails for $75 and is available at tobacconists across the United States.

"Need advise if I should purchase the ellipse ll or pulsar by xikar. I have an xikar lighter now two flame and have been very happy with it. Any suggestions?" —March 21, 2013 23:47 PM