Xikar X875: A Monster Cigar Cutter

Xikar X875: A Monster Cigar Cutter

Cigars in the 60-plus ring gauge category are a point of contention in many smoking circles. Some people enjoy smoking them, and some don't. One thing we can all agree on, though, is fat cigars are a pain to snip with normal-sized cutters.

Accessories manufacturers such as Xikar are responding with new cutting creations specifically designed to tackle large ring gauge smokes. The company's new X875 double guillotine is such an item, and it has a wide maw capable of deftly slicing the fattest smokes with pleasant ease.

Guillotines especially are notorious for coming up short when it comes to big ring gauge smokes. After all, how is a guillotine with a 54 ring opening supposed to compete with a cigar that is 70 ring? It can't. In fact, the risk of ruining the cigar with an improper cut increases if one were to try, which is why many cigar lovers opt for v-cut cutters to snip big ring gauge smokes.

Xikar's X875 sports a whopping 75 ring gauge opening, allowing smokers to easily snip portly cigars that fall on the plus-side of 60 ring gauge. Even the rare 80 ring gauge smoke sometimes seen in shops (yes, they are out there) is no match. In rounds of testing, time after time, the action of the stainless-steel blades was buttery smooth, and I found myself dropping a perfectly snipped cap into the ashtray.

Additionally, the thin, plastic body of the X875 is contoured so one can lay the cutter on a table and use it as a cigar rest. Try doing that with a smaller guillotine, and your 64-ring parejo could end up rolling off the table.

If you're a fan of big-ring behemoths, the X875, which retails for $35 and comes only in black, is a must-buy. Like all Xikar products, it's backed by the company's lifetime warranty and can be purchased at www.xikar.com/.

Bring one to your next herf with friends, too, and you might just quiet the big ring gauge naysayers who swear they can't cut cigars that large.

"thats why you ALWAYS have a punch at the ready...." —September 9, 2014 20:31 PM