Xikar M8 Metal Cutter

Xikar M8 Metal Cutter

Cigar accessories maker Xikar is adding a touch of refinement to its big ring gauge cutter segment with its new M8, a double-guillotine with a polished metal body that is not only dazzling, but a great tool for snipping fat smokes.

Xikar, located in Kansas City, based the design of the M8 on its popular X8 line, which was released in 2010. Like its predecessor, the new M8 carries a massive opening that is able to trim the cap off cigars up to 70 ring gauge.

The M8 carries a retail price of $49.99—$10 more than the X8—and is available in two finishes: gunmetal and bead blast.

We tested the gunmetal version and the brilliance of the finish was enough that one could see their reflection in it. As for performance, the M8's sharp, stainless steel blades easily handled trimming 60-plus ring gauge cigars. And while other double-guillotine cutters require the user to operate both blades during the cut, with the M8, one of the blades is stationary, which can help steady the cigar before the quick snip.

Like all Xikar products, it's backed by the company's lifetime warranty and can be purchased at www.xikar.com.