Cigar Aficionado

Xikar Incline Lighter

The new Incline lighter from Xikar offers cigar smokers a simple, yet attractive butane lighter at a reasonable price. The Incline is for the smoker who wants a reliable butane flame but doesn't necessarily need another elegant lighter to take on the town.

The Incline offers smokers little in frills, but that is to be expected given the $29.99 price tag. The flame height is adjustable, either with a fingernail or coin, and a see-through window on the side of the lighter shows the fuel level.

Housed within the durable casing is a single jet flame that ignites easily and dependably thanks to Xikar's Rapid Fire technology.

The Incline is perfect as a secondary flame that can go anywhere — such as the golf bag, the boat or the car. Its fair price, too, means you won't have to worry if your golfing buddy forgets to return it to you by the 18th green.