Xikar Envoy Carbon Fiber Triple Cigar Case

In for a long night of crime fighting? Want to light up a smoke after taking down armed robbers? Or perhaps you just want to look cool after a day at the office. Xikar has you covered.

Built for protection, the Envoy Case ($89.99) has a carbon-fiber top, which adds a modern, cool accent to the more traditional leather body. Stately stitching lends the case an elegant look for more formal occasions.

Many carbon fiber accents are laminated veneers of the carbon-fiber weave, but the carbon-fiber element on this case has that unique texture created by millions of tiny strands woven together for durability.

Some leather cigar cases can buckle a bit under moderate pressure, which can mean squashed cigars if your case takes too much abuse. But carbon fiber is a high tensile-strength material that can stop bullets. And though we didn’t test The Envoy on a firing range, the stylish carbon-fiber weave does helps keep the leather case more rigid than a leather top, and it protects your smokes from getting smashed. It’s also very lightweight, so it won’t weigh down a blazer if kept in the pocket.

The three-finger compartment is cedar lined and can hold a fair variety of gauges and lengths comfortably in place. It does feel a little loose on longer smokes, so a double corona or two might not be as well protected as a couple of Churchills.

With a variety of cutters and lighters available in the same carbon-fiber design, Xikar can outfit you in an entire utility belt’s worth of smoking accessories accented with the hard-hitting material.