Xikar Enigma II Lighter

Xikar Enigma II Lighter

Cigar accessories maker Xikar only had to look as far as its own portfolio to find inspiration for it's newest lighter, the Enigma II.

The original Enigma was introduced in 2006 as a reliable, double-jet flame lighter with a design that was both attractive and functional. The new Enigma II, which began shipping to stores in March, builds on everything that made its predecessor a success, but adds subtle touches here and there that make it superior.

These subtleties begin with the lines of the Enigma II's body. Xikar opted to square off the corners a little more than the first incarnation, giving the Enigma II a sleek, light look. The pull-down trigger has also been updated, as it's now larger and has more of the crosshatch texture that was a design staple of the first Enigma. This addition is welcomed because it makes firing up the double-jet flames with your thumb a cinch. The size of the fuel window on the back of the lighter has been increased, another plus.

The Enigma II re-design was not just topical, though, as Xikar changed the fuel system on the inside of the lighter for better flame control. The fill valve is now independent, meaning it is more reliable and easier to bleed and fill.

The new and improved Enigma II sells for around $55 and comes in four finishes: G2 (pictured), black, chrome and pearl. Like all Xikar products, it's covered by the company's famous lifetime warranty. Though we believe you won't be needing to worry about this for quite some time.

Visit www.xikar.com for more information.