Cigar Aficionado

Xikar Cutters

Not long ago they were the new kids on the block, but Xikars have now become a member of the cigar cutter establishment. With their unmistakable style and long-term reliability, the teardrop-shaped guillotines have ushered in a new way to cut cigars.

The cutters open with the pull of a button, the blades spreading with a pleasant click. They are reminiscent of martial-arts weapons, and you might just find yourself sitting at your desk, holding the Xikar by its narrow end, opening and closing the cutter again and again. Try to do this in private.

The Xikar (pronounced Zaye-kar) is available in several styles. They range in price from $39 for the Xi2 models, which are made with nylon composite bodies, to $79 for the Xi3 (shown), which is available in a rosewood finish.