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Winter Ball with Fidel

This Christmas, what can you get for that ever-fickle baseball/cigar enthusiast…that'll fit in a stocking?

How about a baseball-playing, cigar-smoking bobblehead Fidel Castro figure? No assembly required., makers of custom bobblehead figures, has created a unique doll portraying the Cuban dictator as a pitcher poised in mid-windup with a cigar clamped within his grin. As a young man, Fidel used to be quite the pitcher, hurling what major league scouts called a wicked curveball -- sans cigar, of course. The 7 1/2-inch tall Fidel bobblehead is entitled Throwing Smoke, and it's the fine detailing that makes this figure so much better than those giveaways at every major league baseball stadium. (Is it Babe Ruth Bobblehead Day or Lou Costello-in-Pinstripes BobbleHead Day?)

Throwing Smoke features Fidel in a fatigue-green baseball uniform with a tiny Cuban flag on the front of his cap. The word "Havana" is subtly scripted across his chest, and the number 59 is printed on his back (synonymous with the year he took control of Cuba). His bushy eyebrows and flowing, Zeus-like beard are closer in resemblance to a younger Fidel, possibly circa 1991, but it's an unmistakable likeness nevertheless. His unbanded cigar appears to be a figurado shape (possibly from the dictator's private collection?).

The bobbleheads produced at are made of polyresin, and are handcrafted and handpainted in China. Throwing Smoke is distributed by Arango Cigar Co. and can be found at fine tobacconists for $15. For more information, call Arango at 800-22CIGAR or email