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Wilson TRIAD Racket

Want to improve your tennis game? Looking for a racket that offers power and stability? Tired of vibrating handles? Then the Wilson Triad Hammer 3.0 may be the racket for you.

One of the best-selling rackets in the world, the Triad 3.0 offers both power and control. At 27 1/2 inches in length and an unstrung weight of 8.9 ounces, this lightweight racket is also comfortable to grip. Consisting of three parts -- the head, the handle and a polymer that combines the two -- the Triad reportedly reduces vibration by 60 percent. Its patented Iso-Zorb polymer isolates shock in the head of the racket so you don't feel it in the handle.

When put to the test on the court, the Triad 3.0 is a little hard to get used to. But once you get the feel of its light weight, you can do your best Pete Sampras imitation. Serve and volleyers will find it ideal as will players who have short backswings or who hit with little or no topspin. The larger-than-average sweet spot offers more chances to hit that crosscourt or down-the-line winner. You can pump your fist in triumph as your opponent throws down his racket in disgust.

The Triad Hammer 3.0 retails for $299. Wilson offers a more powerful model (the Triad Hammer 2.0 for $349.99) and two less powerful models (the Triad Hammer 4.0 for $249.99 and Hammer 5.0 for $219.00). Wilson also provides a two-year warranty on the racket.

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