What Should I Do If My Cigar Gets Soggy?

What Should I Do If My Cigar Gets Soggy?

You need to make adjustments to your humidor to allow for the greater absorption of humidity. In environments where the ambient humidity is greater than the ideal (68-70 percent at 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit keeps cigars in perfect condition), there are two steps to take.

First, the humidity regulator in your humidor should not be filled. If you leave it dry, it will absorb enough humidity to keep a humidor close to the 70 percent target level. To assist this process, you should remove the regulator from the humidor for a day or more so it releases the excess humidity.

Second, remove the cedar dividers from your cigar boxes and place them between and beneath the layers of cigars in your humidor. The more cedar you have, the faster the humidity levels will adjust because cedar is hygroscopic, just like tobacco, and will rapidly absorb excess moisture. These procedures will help you attain the proper humidity conditions for your cigars.

As an alternative, you could try the Boveda system, which not only adds humidity when needed but absorbs it when levels are too high.

You should also give some thought to where your humidor is placed. Find the coolest spot possible.