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Warning Posters Coming Down in NYC Cigar Shops

New York City’s war against smoke hit a speed bump yesterday when a federal judge ruled that the graphic warning labels city officials have demanded be displayed where cigars and cigarettes are sold can come down. Because of the law, people buying cigars in New York City were forced to view images of diseased lungs, rotted teeth and other maladies.

“The posters are down right now,” said Michael Herklots, general manager of the Davidoff cigar shops in Manhattan. “Our customers are elated that they no longer have to be subjected to these horrific images when purchasing a legal product.”

Judge Jed S. Rakoff, of the United States District Court in Manhattan, said forcing retailers to display these warnings were a violation of federal law, as only the federal government had the authority to regulate cigarette warnings and advertisements, according to a story in The New York Times.  

City officials are expected to appeal.

"Score one for our side! With casino loss in revenue in Illinois we may be seeing the effects of restriction in 2011. Those who opposed these bans will see the financial loss and higher taxation they will bear to make up the difference. THEN you will see the lifting of these un-American bans." —January 3, 2011 18:59 PM
"Bloomy's going to be blowing smoke out his ears over this." —December 30, 2010 22:59 PM
"a small victory just before moving into 2011, " —December 30, 2010 22:14 PM