Virginia Votes Down Bill To Allow Alcohol In Cigar Shops

Virginia Votes Down Bill To Allow Alcohol In Cigar Shops

Cigar smokers in Virginia who enjoy sipping a libation alongside their cigars will be disappointed to find that lawmakers have thwarted a bill that sought to permit beer, wine and liquor consumption at cigar shops.

House Bill 1541, which was introduced to the Virginia state legislature in January, would have granted a limited mixed beverage license for retail cigar shops. Currently, Virginia state law requires that mixed beverage licenses can only be obtained by establishments whose revenue is made up of at least 45 percent of food sales. The bill, however, was defeated on Tuesday in a 22 to 17 vote on the senate floor.

In Virginia it remains illegal for patrons to bring their own bottles to cigar lounges.

According to local news reports, House Leader Richard Saslaw, a Democrat, voted against the bill as he believes the state has already made too many exemptions for non-restaurant establishments, such as nail salons, art museums, and day spas.

While Virginia cigar smokers continue to be denied their Scotch and cigar pairings, they will, however, be able to enjoy an adult beverage during their next pedicure.