Vigilant Reliance Wall Humidors

Vigilant Reliance Wall Humidors

You’ve always wanted a bigger humidor but never had the space. Cabinet models take up too much room and end-table humidors are as bulky as a small refrigerator. The Vigilant Reliance Wall Humidor is an elegant solution. It delivers more storage with no footprint by tucking into unused space in the wall.

The four Reliance models are designed to fit between studs in your walls. As such, installation requires a bit of carpentry, but in the end you have a handcrafted unit framed in mahogany wood with a sturdy glass door and adjustable Spanish cedar shelves. They come in four sizes, each named after its approximate cigar capacity: Reliance 350 ($2,385); 450 ($2,385); 550 ($2,685); and 750 ($2,685). The units range in size from 30 inches wide by 40 7/8 inches high by 6 1/2 inches deep to 30 inches wide by 60 7/8 inches high by 8 1/2 inches deep. (The two deeper units cannot be fitted into exterior walls.)

The humidifier runs on distilled water with a removable 1½ quart acrylic reservoir. It also includes a Sentry Analog system with a time-to-fill LED indicator and high and low alarms. An upgraded humidity system and low-voltage interior lights are available options.

The acrylic fronts serve to hold loose cigars in place, but may be removed to provide more space for box storage. Vigilant’s Dover, New Hampshire, shop will also customize units for size and wood type (including oak, cherry, walnut, pine and maple). And for those who have the luxury of extra living space to display even more cigar furniture, the company also makes a range of freestanding cabinets, lockers and armoires, as well as wine-storing facilities.