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Vespa Granturismo

At first glance, the Vespa Granturismo may appear to be nothing more than a puerile mode of transportation best suited for a mod or a twenty-something hipster. But don’t be deceived. The Granturismo is more than just a scooter. It is a performance vehicle that combines attitude and style with state-of-the-art technology and can be appreciated by anyone, not only the young or the young at heart.

That’s not to say that the Granturismo will replace the sports coupe or the SUV that’s parked in your garage, but it does have the ability to complement your everyday roadster. Like a car, the Granturismo personifies individuality and freedom, and is perfect for a road rally into the countryside on a summer Sunday or for a jaunt around the city when you prefer something that’s more agile and less bulky than a sedan.

Yet, while the Granturismo is designed for touring, throw in the fact that it is economical, reliable and practical and you’ll begin to see the appeal. The first new model released by Vespa in the United States since 1996, the Granturismo is the biggest, fastest and most technologically advanced scooter ever released by the company Although it took the better part of eight years to develop, it was worth the wait.

The Granturismo has a four-stroke 200cc engine that adheres to American emission standards and a 20-horsepower output that provides quick acceleration to a maximum speed of 75 miles an hour. Quite a step up from the two-wheeler powered by a lawn mower engine that you used to tool around on as a kid. The aerodynamic, pressed-steel monocoque frame also enhances the stability and handling, while the Granturismo’s front and rear disc brakes and high-tech suspension system allow for better comfort, control and safety.

Like all Vespas, the Granturismo is an alternative means of transportation that is fuel-efficient, convenient and gives drivers a sense of flair and fervor. No wonder more than 15 million Vespas have been sold worldwide since 1946.

The Vespa Granturismo is available in vintage green, steel gray or black and retails for $4,899.

Visit www.vespausa.com.