Cigar Aficionado

Vermont Soy Candle

You may be seeing these products wrapped up for you around the holidays as a subtle hint from a loved one who doesn't quite enjoy the smell of cigars as much as you do. Although we can not imagine a more aromatic scent, Vermont Soy Wax presents the Odor Neutralizing soy candle and spray to appease the detractors. 'Tis the season to be giving.

Vermont Soy Wax is a new company, and it makes its products from soy wax. Vermont Wax has made environmental issues a chief component of its business plan. According to the company, soy wax is a cleaner substance than paraffin, which is derived from crude oil, and cheaper to manufacture than beeswax.

What does that mean for the aficionado? According to a company spokesman, an 8 oz. soy wax candle will burn longer, about 50 hours, than a paraffin candle, and will burn clean -- not producing any black smoke or soot. An infusion of essential botanical oils are intended to remove odors rather than masking them with a strong perfume.

We tested them in our smoky offices. The candle definitely helps to neutralize the smell of smoke, but it also leaves a citronella-like smell in the room, which some may find unpleasant. The Clean Air spray is applied to your clothing with the same effects. The citronella-like smell does dissipate quickly after use, but is potent initially.

The Odor Neutralizing soy candle retails for $11.99 and the Clean Air spray for $8.99 per 4 oz. container. Available at fine tobacconists and natural food stores.