Trump Gains Further Ground In Latest Poll

Sep 8, 2016 | By CA Editors
Trump Gains Further Ground In Latest Poll
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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is gaining support among cigar-smoking voters, according to the most recent presidential poll conducted by Cigar Aficionado. The survey, which ran on during the first week of September, revealed that Trump now commandes a 38-point lead over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

More than 5,000 readers voiced their opinion in the September poll, with slightly more than 69 percent of participants claiming they would vote for Donald Trump this November, and just under 31 percent backing Clinton. Support for Trump rose nearly 6 percent since Cigar Aficionado last ran the survey at the beginning of August. Trump has consistently led all presidential hopefuls since the monthly polls began in February.

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A large majority of Cigar Aficionado poll-takers have claimed affiliation with the Republican party. In this month's poll, 46 percent of the field consisted of members of the GOP, while 20 percent claimed independent. Only 17 percent of readers were registered Democrats and 15 percent were not registered to vote.

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Among the major political issues being discussed this election cycle, the Economy remains a primary concern for the majority of cigar smokers, coming in at 42 percent in the poll's ‘Most Important Issues' field. Terrorism (including the threat of ISIS) remains the second most important issue, while Immigration and Government Regulations are tied for the third spot at 11 percent each.

Cigar Aficionado intends to run this poll again at the beginning of October.

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