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Tropical Storm Could Hit Cuba Or Florida

A tropical depression swirling in the warm waters of The Bahamas could make landfall in northern Cuba or southern Florida tomorrow as a tropical storm.

The storm system will be dubbed Bonnie once it strengthens (as expected) to tropical storm force. If it follows the more southern estimate from the National Hurricane Center, it would strike northern Cuba around El Santo, about 275 miles east of Havana. The most northern track would have it make landfall around Miami.

The more likely track would take Bonnie over the Florida Keys and then into the Gulf of Mexico.

Most of the companies in the premium sector of the American cigar industry make their headquarters in and around Miami. Cuba has suffered in the past from hurricane damage to its tobacco fields, but tobacco is not planted this time of year, and curing barns can typically handle the type of winds that come from a tropical storm.

The National Weather Service does not expect Bonnie to gather enough strength to become a hurricane.