Top 25 Cigars of 2018
Photo/Jeff Harris
The very best cigars of the year, tested blind by our panel of editors

It isn’t enough to simply be a good cigar, or even a great cigar. Draw and combustion have to be flawless, flavors need to be varied and appealing and the overall qualities must be uniquely resonant. Many cigars we smoke throughout the year fit that criteria, but there’s one very important quality that many cigars lack—consistency. And that’s what Cigar Aficionado’s annual Top 25 list strives to bring you: a selection of not only the year’s finest performers, but the handmade cigars that could repeat the stellar performance over and over again.

The Top 25 list is strictly performance based. It’s not a popularity contest or a lifetime achievement award, but a tournament where the highest-scoring cigars of the year have to prove themselves once again in an entirely new series of blind tastings. In the end, these 25 cigars were the most worthy of being on this list, and one took our highest accolade—Cigar of the Year.

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