Cigar Aficionado

Tommy Bahama Smoking Kit

The essentials of cigar travel are fairly simple: case, cutter, lighter. But even these few bare necessities can quickly encumber your pockets, so Tommy Bahama, the celebrated purveyor of the easy life, addressed this problem of limited sartorial real estate with its cigar gift case ($125), a stylishly compact leather cigar kit that neatly holds all the tools of the cigar-smoking trade.

When zippered shut, the travel kit has the executive look of a streamlined planner. When unfolded, the polished cigar gear is laid out before you like a vintage satchel of medical instruments, facilitating all manner of cigar operations with clean efficiency. A double-barreled stainless steel cigar tube will hold two sticks as thick as 54-ring gauge and as long as seven inches, so standard Churchills won't be a problem. A dual-blade guillotine cutter and single-flame butane torch lighter complete the package. There is even an interior side pocket that can hold anything from cigar notes to cedar spills, should you desire a more mellow flame when lighting your aged puros.

The Smoking Kit's utility is beyond question, but what of its delicacy? While there is indeed a pleasantly supple feel to its darkly tanned Italian leather, the kit is certainly robust enough to withstand the rigors of travel, and it carries well, fitting easily into your glove compartment, suitcase or briefcase. Toted by itself, it is still an unobtrusive accessory. It won't take too many long drives or international flights before you realize that this is the only piece of luggage you really need.