'Titanic' Humidor Sells for $41,000

May 31, 2011 | By Nick Hammond
'Titanic' Humidor Sells for $41,000

A walnut humidor owned by the Captain of the ill-fated Titanic passenger liner has been sold for £25,000 ($41,000).

The humidor, a gift from White Star Lines to Captain Edward John Smith, had remained undisturbed for decades before auctioneer John Crane spotted it while valuing some antiques in Liverpool, England.

"I must admit, a tingle went down my spine," Crane said in an interview. "It's a most astonishing find. It had been lying on top of a bedroom cabinet for years."

The humidor, inscribed with Captain Smith's initials, was bought at auction by Titanic memorabilia collector—and cigar lover—Henrik Stuifbergen from Stockholm.

"It was at the limit of what I wanted to spend," he said, "So I was delighted when I heard the gavel go down! It's very unusual to find something so closely linked with Captain Smith."

Stuifbergen, a member of the Stockholm Cigar Society, intends to lend the humidor to Titanic exhibitions across Europe in the coming months. But beforehand, he will share a special smoke with his cigar buddies.

"Captain Smith loved fine, Cuban cigars," said Stuifbergen. "So I have promised to let each member of our club select a Havana from the box and smoke it in Captain Smith's memory before the humidor goes to exhibition."

Captain Smith was known to love cigars and family members have since recalled how he used to demand absolute peace and tranquility to enjoy smoking in his study. At the recent auction at Cato Crane Auctioneers in Liverpool, bidders from across the globe vied via phone and in person to buy the unique piece of history.

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