Tiger Is Back
Photo/Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
Two years after declaring his golf days were over, Tiger Woods stood victorious at Augusta, winning his 15th major.
Tiger Woods returned to victory at the Masters in April, the site of his first major championship
I’m done,” Tiger Woods said. It was April 4, 2017, and he was at the Masters Club Dinner, a revered annual gathering of Masters greats. Nick Faldo, a fellow Masters champion, heard Woods say his golf days were over, that he had no future as a player, and he was sitting out the tournament for the third time in four years. The man who once seemed superhuman, a champion who crushed drives to unspeakable distances with an athletic build that redefined the very look of a pro golfer, had been rendered so feeble that he needed a nerve blocker to dull the pain so he could sit in his chair at the dinner. A series of back surgeries had failed to correct his failing body. But …
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