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Thin is In with New Lancero Releases

Apr 7, 2008 | By Gregory Mottola
Thin is In with New Lancero Releases

Slim lanceros are the new rage.

U.S. retailers say they're slow sellers, but more and more companies are adding lanceros to their brand portfolios.

Once the exclusive domain of Cuban cigar brands, having a lancero (typically a seven-inch-long cigar with a ring gauge of about 40, also known as a gran panetela) is now practically a bragging right for high-end cigarmakers. Seasoned aficionados seek them out with great gusto. New lanceros from the hot, boutique Illusione line and respected Davidoff Millennium blend are coming on the market with other such newcomer lanceros as Coronado by La Flor, Oliva Serie V, Joya de Nicaragua and Gran Habano Corojo #5.

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