Cigar Aficionado

The Well Ashtray

You certainly won't miss when dropping your charred cigar remains into the new Well ashtray from Alec Bradley Cigar Co.

Clear a wide space on your office desk or cigar room coffee table though. This hefty ceramic receptacle covers an 81-square inch area -- for those who have forgotten their geometry -- that is a square with nine-inch sides. The corners are cut off and in the center is a circle that is six inches around and two inches deep. Surrounding the circle are four cigar rests that are one and a half inches long and about half an inch deep. The ashtray is very sturdy and, from a bird's-eye view, practically looks like a target with crosshairs.

Bran Warren, the same Miami artisan who crafted and glazed the Conference and Executive ashtrays for Alec Bradley, makes the Well. The Well is the biggest of the three, with space for four sticks. The unique design scheme is akin to that of the other two lines, with bursts of color and texture melting into each other in an almost tie-dyed pattern.

A new and functional feature in this piece is the removable match holder. A separate ceramic container that fits into the ashtray itself, the match holder holds about 30 matchsticks and looks a lot better than that frayed cardboard box of barbecue matches you currently employ. The bottom of the insert is unfinished, providing a rough service on which to fire up a strike-anywhere match. The company gives you a few strike-anywhere matches with the purchase of the ashtray.

The Alec Bradley Well ashtray has a suggested retail price of $95 and is available at tobacconists.

Photo by Mary Galligan