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The Tri-Cutta Lighter

Consumers are bombarded with an onslaught of options. That goes double for cigar-smoking consumers. Understanding that the adroit aficionado will take advantage of the bounty of different-sized smokes on the market, Colibri serves up another accessory idea: the Tri-Cutta lighter.

Many two-in-one lighters on the market meld the cutter with the fire, but this one does it in a unique way that is compact and lends itself to the possibility of change. Say you are in the mood for a petit corona for lunch and a robusto for after dinner. You like a punch cut that makes the appropriate incision in the cap, but don't want to hump around multiple cutters.

The Tri-Cutta puts it all in one package. A push of the thumb extends the side panel of the lighter to reveal three sizes of punch: 4, 7 and 9 millimeter. Flip the crescent-shaped cap up, push down on the ignition switch to blaze a wind-resistant jet flame, and light up. The flame can rise to enormous proportions and still remain constant without sputtering out, which happens with many jet-flame lighters. It's a good-looking piece with a solid die-cast metal construction and tightly-fitted moving parts. Though a bit heavy to carry in your pocket, its multifaceted feature eliminates clutter. There is no fuel-monitoring window, so you have to keep tabs.

The Colibri Tri-Cutta is available in four finishes: matte black/polished silver, satin silver/polished silver, satin gunmetal/polished silver and brown marble lacquer/polished silver. The lighter, which retails for $69.50 is currently sold at retail tobacconists worldwide.

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Photo by Jean Schwarzwalder