Cigar Aficionado

The Tin Can Lighter

You wouldn't expect Dunhill, the ambassador of accoutrements for the English gentleman, to find inspiration in a tin can. Then again, if you were looking to make a tin can more elegant, the folks at Dunhill might be just the chaps to tackle the job.

The brass-crafted, silver-plated Tin Can Lighter hearkens back to Old World elegance with a very basic look. The monochromatic, ribbed body is reminiscent of a stripped down tin can. Following the theme of classic styling, some of the modern amenities found in other lighters, such as a fuel-monitoring window, are checked at the door. No electronics, turbos, or fancy gimmickry here: you flick the wheel, which grinds the flint, the tiny glowing chunks discharge and the silent butane flame perks up like a candle.

The small rounded frame of the lighter fits snugly in the palm of the hand and is surprisingly heavy for its size. The weight gives a feeling of durability and precision craftsmanship -- something we've come to expect from a Dunhill product.

The Dunhill Tin Can is made in England, and retails for $345. It is available at Dunhill stores.