Cigar Aficionado

The Storm Lighter

Up to your waist in the cool rippling creek, casting your line into the dark eddies, you stop and gaze around at the wonders of nature and decide a cigar would go well with the moment. Fumbling among your equipment, you accidentally drop your lighter into the stream. In a screech of terror that nearly drops the cigar into the water as well, you snatch back the lighter before it sinks into oblivion. The moment might have been lost, if not for your waterproof Storm lighter from Solo. So you breathe a sigh of relief, fire up and reel in.

The Solo lighter is waterproofed with a plastic coating, which covers its metal interior, and a double o-ring seal. The protective cap flips back with the push of a button, working on a spring-loaded hinge. The ignition lever beneath the lid fires up a 2,500 degree Fahrenheit turbo torch flame.

Labeled windproof, the torch tends to extinguish easily if the flame is set at a high output. But the lighter does offer such features as a refill window, a flame adjustment dial and a key ring holder.

The lighter is not build for longevity, but with a suggested retail price of $14, an unconditional lifetime guarantee and a half-price replacement guarantee should you lose the lighter in the deep, dark river water, it seems a good deal.

The Solo Storm lighter comes in 10 colors including red, green and orange -- easy to spot in a satchel filled with tackle or in the brambles and bushes of the forest. Available at fine tobacconists.