Cigar Aficionado

The Stogie Vise

When you first hear about the Stogie Vise, you think it could be anything. Perhaps a new testosterone-pumping series about two Miami police detectives infiltrating the cigar business, or maybe the latest puritanically moral dissertation from the cigar police on the dangers of smoking cigars. Upon first seeing the Stogie Vise, you may think it could be anything as well, looking like something someone assembled in a garage out of old engine parts.

Actually, the Stogie Vise from Arango Cigar Co. is an effective and sturdy support for a cigar. It literally is a vise clamp attached to the bottom of a cigar clip. The idea is that while you're engaged in active pursuits or anytime an ashtray or flat surface is not available, this little gadget will provide a place to put your smoke.

This is not the first time this idea has been proposed by Arango or in the general cigar accessory market, but the Vise is different because of its appearance and brawny construction. It is industrial-looking with a lot of exposed screws and bolts that look as if they could be harmful to a delicate wrapper. However, it is very gentle. The clip is made of springy steel extending from a ball bearing joint, which pivots 360 degrees. Cigars of small or large ring gauges slide in with a slight push and the clip expands and retracts to accommodate the size. The vise on the bottom of the clip adjusts smoothly with a turn of a small knob. The clip is about two inches wide when fully extended and can fasten to almost any rail or bar -- perfect for a golf cart or fishing boat -- or even a belt if necessary.

Made in the United States, the Stogie Vise retails for $60 and can be purchased at retail tobacconists throughout the country.

Photo by Jean Schwarzwalder