The Stinky Cigar Floor Ashtray

We're big fans of the Stinky cigar ashtray. Made of stainless steel, with the diameter of a go-kart steering wheel, the ashtrays are deep enough to hold several cigar butts, enabling you to host a poker game, football night or even formal cigar tasting while minimizing trips to the dumpster. They were clearly designed for the passionate cigar lover.

They worked great on our desks, but sometimes you need a stand to position the ashtray near, say, an easy chair in a cigar bar. So Stinky (a Las Vegas cigar smoker who got his nickname from his wife) recently debuted the Stinky Cigar Floor Ashtray, which stands two feet tall and is equipped with four "stirrups" (egg-shaped, concave holders) for cigars. It's perfect alongside your favorite smoking chair.

The sturdy, shiny product was "inspired by feedback from cigar stores and lounges," said Stinky. The ashtray has a suggested retail price of $82.45.

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