The Smoking Man Cave

Jan 25, 2013 | By David Savona

I’ve been doing quite a bit of research lately on man caves, the rooms that men dedicate to getting away, either all on their own or with friends and family. Not all of them allow cigars, but as you could imagine, I focused exclusively on the cigar-friendly variety.

There’s a cable TV program dedicated to man caves on the DIY Network, a cigar shop that calls itself the man cave and tons of great examples from around the United States and around the world. I’ve spoken to a cigar lover from Denmark who built a cigar-friendly man cave in an old house with a selection of old jazz playing on a turntable. I visited a builder in Connecticut who turned a new basement into a gorgeous cherry- and stone-lined “gentleman’s room” with a wine cellar and gas fireplace, and I interviewed a doctor who built a 2,600 square foot (!) man cave complete with a movie theater, bar and golf simulator, every blessed inch of it cigar friendly. And there are many more I’ve discovered. Each of these places are wonderful in their own way, and reflect the interests and passions of the individual owner.

Now I’d like your involvement. I bet many of you have man caves of your own. (I even have my own man cave in my basement. A friend of mine dubbed it The Bunker, and the name stuck. I’ll likely be there this weekend, smoking a cigar and enjoying a movie on the big screen.) It doesn’t have to be palatial or fancy—it just has to be your own special place where you go to smoke cigars. I’d love to see a photograph (or, better yet, a few) and hear in your own words what makes it special, and why you built it. It might become part of a gallery of man caves we’re putting together at Cigar Aficionado.

So let’s hear about—and see—your cigar-friendly man caves. Upload your photos and comments with our Moments to Remember tool.

"I was just reading through the June issue and the article on man caves was great. Is the gallery of smoking rooms mentioned in the article up and going?" —April 15, 2013 09:23 AM
"This is my first post ever...I want to share with you what I`ve done in the basement of my new home. We were lucky in contracting a cool home builder (Thank you Deveraux Homes) that was excited when I mentioned I wanted to have a sealed Cigar smoking room in my basement. I had no experience in this other than I knew I wanted a room approx. 12x 12 enough to fit 4-6 guys and that it be completely sealed and not contaminate the rest of the home.(as per my wife.:)They called in the experts and the journey began! There were some concerns in using a high out-put exhaust fan in a sealed environment(due to negative pressure) but that was solved by using an independent air-air exchanger instead to pull the smoke out and push fresh air in. It is completely sealed with vapor barrier, insulated and an exterior door was added making it smoker friendly and pretty much sound proof as well! Inside it has a Blueair 450e smokestop air purifier was added making it almost untraceable after a full night of smoking! Its decorated with a poker table, bar area (stocked with Rums that Jack reviewed at the Big Smoke Las Vegas), small humidor and of course my favorite Cigar Aficionado magazines proudly displayed on the walls. Its truly my retreat and uninterrupted cigar haven! Thanks for letting me share. Martin" —April 8, 2013 02:24 AM
"Let's hear from you Heating & Air guy's. Anyone installinng air circulation equipment for smaller spaces?" —February 16, 2013 14:29 PM
"The photos will go up, but right now we are gathering them together for a big photo gallery." —February 12, 2013 12:31 PM
"It would be great to see an article om man caves with the type of venting that would work best." —February 12, 2013 11:48 AM
"i sent in a few pics but they are not up.......i'll try again" —February 7, 2013 18:54 PM
"Sure wish some folks would share some pictures! But how about air cleaners or smoke removers and thing such as that to keep our enjoyment out of the houses' general HVAC systems. Be a nice smokers tech talk" —February 7, 2013 13:36 PM
"Great comments, keep them coming please." —February 6, 2013 13:55 PM
"You guys have it big time, because my smoke room (or) Man Cave includes an exhaust fan and a Commode in it! Oh and buy the way I have given it an name:...I call it the "Bathroom"! Keep On Smoking" —February 6, 2013 10:18 AM
"You guys are my inspiration!! I am a few years away from being financially able to raise my house to build in underneath. My plan is to build an attic room with a nice deck and a spa (if possible to add that luxury!!) And have my fridge-a-dor as we term the bar fridge style humidor here! To be sure there will be a big Screen. The view currently is a lovely one of the city lights, but raising and building an attic room will take me a number of metres/yards higher and a clear city view will be even better! Weather is a concern for most of you guys, but as I live in the city of Brisbane in Queensland Australia with an average daytime winter temperature of 68 and night time of 50, just a jumper on the outside deck is enough! Oh to day dream!! " —February 5, 2013 19:52 PM
" I love my man cave, It's not much,A bar I made in my garage during winter and a bar I made on my deck for nice days. Both are Cigar friendly, and some of my best times with friends." —February 3, 2013 16:44 PM
"Smoking is not good for health getting down day by day for and you face skin also getting dim and fade due to which your beauty getting decrease for it I am here to give you suggestions all about <a href="">Liquid Oxygen skin kinds</a> from which you can make your self good as look fulfill your skin needs.Thanks" —February 2, 2013 16:20 PM
"I added mine to the MTR today David........Spent lots of time making it the man cave that it is......Collected wine crates for years from my time as a bartender and used them as a wall /art piece in the wine room...The crates take up most of one wall and make a nice focal point..... For the cigar part of the room I have a heavy duty exhaust fan on an adjustable switch and a CT-500 smoke eater that does the job for up to 5 people............I closed off my forced air/heat and added baseboard heat with a thermostat. I have the room separated by two different floors, hickory in the cigar room and brick tiles in the wine room. A leather couch and recliner with a four drawer humidor/coffee table in the cigar room. As far as entertainment I have a 52 inch sharp aquos with surround sound. My friends who also enjoy the room helped me build the room and make it the awesome space that it is. " —January 31, 2013 19:10 PM
"Dear David, It has been now more then 10years,that I have a man-cave and very happy with It.The room is about 20 sq. meters and I have all my cigars and all my cigar relaeted Items in that room which I use at lest 1st.a week.I love It. Amicalement, Guy" —January 31, 2013 15:05 PM
"The wife and I enjoy a smoke on the enclosed back porch. However, even with the heater the extreme cold keeps us without a cigar. We are looking at converting the bar/basement to a cigar friendly room. Any suggestions on an air scrubber? Steven mentioned the csonka smoker cloaker. Thoughts?" —January 30, 2013 18:31 PM
"Your a great writer with great ideas. Thanks for your continued involvment in the cigar community." —January 30, 2013 13:41 PM
"Where would i be without my outdoor and indoor 'man caves'. Firstly i had an outdoor fire area built and then ordered the same chairs that Danny and Alan sat on at the end of every episode of Boston Legal. However due to the typical English weather (namely RAIN) I then had to have a log cabin built at the end of the garden. Leather chairs and sofa's, a csonka smoker cloaker to keep the air clean, and absolutely no tv's. This is a man cave for people who like to smoke and talk about the world." —January 28, 2013 13:16 PM
"Hey David, great idea. Although my deck or garage for winter is the only man cave currently. I am planning on finishing the basement with ventilation for a cigar lounge style area. Other people's pictures will be very helpful for this project. " —January 25, 2013 18:36 PM

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