Cigar Aficionado

The Slim Cutter C

In a cigar world filled with strong, robust smokes, thin and stylish can still be in. Prometheus has constructed a slimmed-down, modernist cigar cutter called the Cutter C.

At two inches long and an inch and a half wide, the slender slicer measures in at only three millimeters deep. The sleek, smooth body is made of brushed metal and houses a stainless steal blade that offers a single-sided cut. Despite its slight look, the cutter has some weight so that you'll know it's in your pocket and you won't throw it in with the dirty laundry.

A unique characteristic is the 55-ring gauge hole punched in the center of both body and blade, which at first glance may appear to be simply design for design's sake, but it has function. Recline the cutter, snip the cigar and the tip falls neatly through the hole and into an ashtray or your waiting hand.

The blade is not spring-loaded and is a little wobbly, which adds to the risk of an uneven cut already factored in with most single-sided cutter constructions and makes opening and closing a bit awkward. But the blade still has smooth action and firmly clicks into place at the top and bottom of the cut.

The Cutter C has a suggested retail price of $69.95 and is available with a free Intruder lighter at participating Prometheus dealers. Call Prometheus International Inc. at 323-869-9200 for more information.