Cigar Aficionado

The Savoy Travel Case

When traveling frequently, you come to discover that less is more. Compact and user-friendly is the only way to go. The Savoy Travel Case fits the bill with a clever variation on the usual cigar case at a good price.

The Savoy looks like a travel case that has been flattened and stretched. The slim design slides easily into a carry-on bag or a briefcase, and provides more space to tote cigars. It comes in two pieces, which fit together to form an airtight seal, and in two sizes: the Associate with a six- to eight-cigar capacity, and the Executive with an eight to ten capacity. The cigars won't stay moist for more than a few days in the case without a humidification device -- for extended touring you need a travel humidor -- but for a short hop from here to there, the Savoy gets the job done.

Stitched in India from black leather, the case is simple in appearance but attractive, with a sturdy construction that will protect your smokes. The Savoy Travel Case is made by Holt's Cigar Co. and retails for $70 in the Executive size and $65 in the Associate size. Available at retail tobacconists.

Photo by Jean Schwarzwalder