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The Savinelli Toro Ashtray

Holidays, nuptials, birthdays and business windfalls are all welcome occasions to light up with a band of friends, but he who enjoys the occasional solitary smoke would truly appreciate the Savinelli Toro Ashtray.

One of the marks of a true cigar lover is a cigar for one, and the single-stick ashtray caters to this arrangement. It is designed obviously with the eponymous cigar size in mind, but its length and girth can accommodate most dimensions. The single contour down the center of the ashtray does not lend itself to group smoke sessions, but in a pinch you could crowd some sticks around the rim. The body of the ashtray is crafted in Italy from a solid block of clean-grained walnut wood. The corners and receptacle area are detailed in polished chrome. The result is a stout piece with a classic look that would appear equally at home on an executive desk or an endtable by the fire.

The Savinelli Toro Ashtray retails for $82. For more information, go to

Photo by Lynn Berry