The Sad Plight of Cigar Smokers

Today I watched a bit of the Yankees celebratory parade at lunch with some friends here in New York. We decided to enjoy a short cigar before heading back to the office.

Outside, of course—New York has a pretty strict smoking ban.

It was a bit cool, but not too cold, and we lit our smokes and puffed away. After a minute or two we were joined by another man from the same eatery. He had his own cigar, a machine-made smoke without a band. It looked like it could be a White Owl. He lit up and smiled, happy to have some smoking company.

“What are you smoking?” I asked.

“Ah, it’s nothing special,” he said. He explained how he used to smoke better cigars, but traded down because he has no where to smoke them, and typically only gets in a handful of puffs before tossing his cigar.

Sad state of affairs.

It was just a bit ironic that Mayor Michael Bloomberg was the one handing out the keys to the city to the New York Yankees. Mayor Bloomberg, just elected to a third term after changing the term limits that would prohibit such a thing, was the one to usher in New York’s smoking ban.

Have smoking bans forced you to change what you smoke—or where you smoke?

"They haven't changed what I smoke or where I smoke. By the time I started smoking cigars, smoking was already prohibited in bars and restaurants. I don't smoke in my house out of respect for my wife. The only places I've realy smoked indoors are casinos, cigar lounges or the occassional friends house that also smokes cigars. " —November 11, 2009 08:40 AM
"1) Not at all.2) Absolutely. When the smoking ban passed in Washington State back in 2005, the law even affected smoke shops and cigar lounges. The only place I can smoke indoors these days is in my garage or at one of the local Indian casinos.Side note:I'm attending my first Big Smoke next weekend...I can't wait." —November 8, 2009 23:37 PM
"I have not changed what I smoke but definitely where I smoke. There were several establishments my wife and I would visit for an evening of sports and cigars, but no more. We now smoke at home, or our vacation place at a nearby lake where we have a great deck and lots of friends to share cigars with. I stopped going to the bars because I cannot smoke anymore, so no reason to go!" —February 18, 2010 10:35 AM