Cigar Aficionado

The Puro Executive

The Executive humidor from Puro is a stocky alternative to a full-sized cabinet humidor. It can accommodate a huge stash of cigars, but you won't have to move out for it to move in.

With the Puro, you can keep your desk, couch, end tables and television in the room and still store a vast collection of sticks at arm's reach. About the same size as a mini fridge (26 inch by 26 inch by 30 inch), the Executive can still pack 'em in with a recommended 1000-cigar capacity. At the same time, it fits nicely beside a lounge chair, in the corner of a living room or edge of a desk.

It's topped with a thick beveled glass window, bordered with colorful marquetry design. In addition to having aesthetic appeal, this feature gives a nice preview of the cigars within without having to open the drawer and sort through the deep interior. The humidor consists of two levels. The top level, under the glass, is a locking drawer, ideal for housing single sticks. Underneath, two locking cabinet-style doors reveal a large cubbyhole, the perfect home for boxes of cigars. A third pull-out drawer is located on the very bottom of the unit. It slides out for easy cleaning of any particles or tobacco flakes that may fall through the cracks and accumulate on the interior floor.

The executive is available in mahogany, cedar, maple, pine, and cancharana and is protected by a five-coat, hand-rubbed lacquer finish. All humidors come with a humidification system and hygrometer and are guaranteed for one year. The Puro Executive retails for $5,350 plus the cost of shipping. For more information, call Puro humidors at 1-866-206-7876.